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yoga tailored precisely to your needs - pick an interactive live class, a pre-recorded course or a mixture of both!

I'm A Beginner & I Want to Start Practising Yoga I'm An Improver & I Want to Develop My Yoga Practice I'm a Yoga Teacher & I Want to Grow My Yoga Business

Real Yoga For Real People

Support is never more than a click away!

Live Teaching

Experience expert tuition via in-person & live interactive classes online. 

Progressive Training

Build your practice with pre-recorded courses, supported by teacher input

Professional Development

Further training and mentoring for yoga teachers

"We do the practice in order to learn to love ourselves - so that we can love each other more."

3 Reasons Why WAY Will Get Under Your Skin!

1. Modern But Classic Practice

This is yoga adapted for 21st century living. Take as much or as little from traditional yoga practice as you need right now.

3. One Yoga Practice, Many Paths

Whether you need to build strength, increase your range of motion or slow your mind down, we have a class for you.

2. Opportunity To Play

We don’t play much as adults. WAY classes are designed to be fun, to nourish parts of you that don’t get much air time.

"Five months ago I was a completely new to yoga but now I can’t imagine being without it! Thank you Erika"


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